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Catalysts are made of high quality materials,and are used in gass generators for thermal threating of metals.the carrier(body)of the catalyst is made of mullite or aluminum-silicate material,depending on the shape(cube or ball) the active layer is made of nio and his role is to control the reaction which creates protective athmosphere in processes of thermal heathing threatment.

Tehnical characteristics( regards to both shape s of catalysts)

  • - Density: < 550 kg/m cube.
  • - Active component level: 3-10%
  • - Working temperature: <1250`c
  • - Total porosity: 25-75%
  • - Compressive strenght: 10n/mm

We also make the catalystes for car industry. This program is in a developing phase. More details of usage of these catalysts you can find on the page of this link.


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