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Aeration of fluids is an infallible part of waste water threatment,food-production,etc..
By distributing air or o2 through our ceramic diffusors,we are getting top results in
dissolving oxygen.Dissolving oxygen is a most important factor in enabling aerobic conditions for functioning of microorganisms ,in threatingof waste water.
Other uses of these filters is in aeration of fish pools,drinking and tecnhnical water….

-high mechanical strenght
-big active surface
-high level of saturation
-low production price
-practical use and easy handling

Picture: cross-section of the acetator for continual production of apple vinegar,with
projected ceramical air diffusors. In combination with air filtering station(explained on the sub page on this link) we offer top solutions in aeration of waste water,with low costs of production and mainteinance, and high efficiency.Very cheap and handy solutions for your water treatment factories are not gained by lowering quality.on contrary ,these characteristics are gained thanks to using traditional domestic materials ,but with 100% controlled features so that they can answer all demands in this field.

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